The plant renovation was planned

Time:2022-11-25 Source: Edit it yourself Browsing volume: 2629
The plant renovation was planned

The plant renovation was planned to start at the beginning of September 2022, but due to some unavoidable factors, it was stalled for some time in October and the expansion has been restarted.


The expansion of the plant was necessary due to the growing customers demand for our pumps, sand filters, blowers and other products. A cleaner and safer working environment can ensure that the operators can have a higher working efficiency. It can also greatly reduce the impact of the production environment on the health of the employees in the long term work.


In order to ensure that the project is completed with high quality, high speed, safety and low consumption, we are prepared to do a good engineering planning, including the structure of the plant in this project, as well as the surrounding environment, site, roads, utilities and other conditions for a detailed analysis, and then develop a reasonable plan, and then start construction. The renovation of the factory is expected to be completed within the next quarter, and the original two-story warehouse has been completely demolished.


The factory has not been scrubbed for a long time, and now the professionals are using high-pressure water guns to high-pressure rinse it, clean the dust and stains on the walls, chisel away the residual debris, and clean the ground.


Meanwhile, remove doors, windows and some foreign objects that have appeared in the exterior fence wall over the years, and then for the original defective walls to repair.


As a result of the extensive reinforcement and renovation, we will apply waterproofing materials to the wall surfaces to enhance the waterproofing performance of the exterior walls and prevent potential leakage problems.


Half of the work has been completed and the renovation is still continuing.